Log Houses - Frequently Asked Questions

Log Houses FAQ

Do I need planning permission?

Residential buildings and dwellings require planning permission. Full details regarding planning permission may be obtained from your local county council offices.


Which log houses you offer?

We offer square or round log houses made from spruce or pine with humidity ca.15%. The diameters of the glue laminated square wall logs can be 90 mm, 114 mm or 180 mm as well as the natural round log with diameter 170 mm or 210 mm


Is log house warm enough?

Yes. Our as well as our competitors experience has shown that log houses are in every way suitable to our climatic conditions.


Do you also produce log houses according to customer drawings?

Yes. Nearly all houses are prepared according to specific projects. Our work practice is that customer makes his or her choice from among the drawings most suitable for him and we make the necessary changes in it. In many cases our customer has drawings along or just some ideas in mind.


Is it possible that the customer constructs the house himself /herself?

Yes, but for better results we recommend to use our carpenters.


How much does it cost to construct the house?

Average construction cost is approximately 35%-55% of the total cost of the house.


Is it possible to live in the house right after constructing?

When the house is ready and finished then there is possible to start living immediately.


How much time does it take to produce and construct a log house?

To produce the log house in the factory takes approximately 6-12 weeks. To construct and finish the log house from the details takes another 4-12 weeks. So, this goes relatively fast for the customer to get a log house.


Where it is suitable to build a log house?

Log houses can be built everywhere. This is not correct understanding that log house can be only built in forest.


Which foundation is needed for log house?

As the construction of the log house is simple then the foundation is simple as well. Most popular is concrete foundation as well as combination of strip and post foundation.


How the finishing works are done in log house?

Outside walls are treated with Remmers Aidol long lasting stain to protect the wood and the same time Remmers stain secures the log house its natural beauty. The process need to be repeated after several years.
Inside walls can also be covered by Remmers stain or paint.
We recommend tiling in wet areas.


How the house is insulated?

Different materials can be used for insulation, like Rockwool, Kingspan and fibreglass.


How the log houses are heated?

There are several possible options to do this. Most frequently used is gas or oil heating.


Is it possible to build two story log house?

Yes. Most of the log houses are two story houses or so called houses with loft.


Is it possible to build a sauna to log house?

Sure. Sauna in log house is the perfect solution. Sauna can be built in to living house or it can be built as a separate building. Choice is yours!