Luxury Log Cabins - Information Functions & Benefits

Luxury Log Cabins Info

An Overview Of Luxury Log Cabins - Features, Functions And Benefits


At Coppola Cabins, we are committed to offering our customers the best quality for their cash. We design a wide array of log cabins that offer additional space at a very convenient price. Whenever you are in need of extra space yet you do not want to spend a fortune, our luxury log cabins will come in handy. You can now enjoy the ultimate comfort with a minimum of effort and investment - besides, the good news is that we deliver our luxury log cabins in a very timely fashion as well, given the fact that it takes us between 6 and 10 weeks to erect a cabin, from the date of order.


As stated above, our luxury log cabins come in different sizes and patterns - they can be residential or multi-room cabins, and their size ranges from 10 to over 100 square meters. The cabins are constructed from logs of the highest quality (Scandinavian Spruce or Pine) with thicknesses ranging anywhere between 50-92 mm.


These luxury cabins come with ceilings and floors that are fully insulated, along with double glazed windows for improved comfort. It is a known fact that double glazed windows are a wise long-term investment, as they lower the energy bills and they provide efficient noise reduction coupled with reduced heat loss.


Additional features include double glazed doors, pressure treated base frame, log end covers, and a fully covered veranda along with pressure treated decking boards. The log cabins come with several optional features as well: external and internal wood treatment, floor lacquering or roof windows are only three of them. At the same time, our luxury log cabins come with Katepal shingle roofing.


However, in order to erect these quality cabins we need either a strip foundation or a concrete base - the foundation plays a pivotal role, as this is where the cabin will be located. The good news is that for playrooms or home offices that do not exceed 25 square meters you do not need a planning permission. Nonetheless, you may need permission for larger log cabins, although this depends mainly on the size and use of your future cabin.


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