Seasons Greetings!

News Posted: 19/12/2014

We thank all our customers for their support and wish you a Happy Christmas and New Year.

Timber Frame Houses from Coppola Cabins

News Posted: 30-06-2014

Combining exceptional sustainability, versatility, rigidity and durability of construction, improved thermal, electrical and acoustic properties, shorter build time as well as affordability and enticing aesthetics, panel houses constructions make an excellent choice for both home owners and business owners.

Building a Log House with Coppola Cabins

News Posted: 11-02-2014

There is a lot that goes into building a home. Everything has to be planned in advance including the design, the requirements, and even the type of construction. While it is possible to buy pre-built log homes, if you are looking to perfection, the best foot forward is to have it built from scratch on the basis of your specific requirements. In fact, virtually all log houses these days are built on the basis of specifics provided by individual clients. Taking this into account, it is not surprising that the majority of our clients tend to come to us with drawings and preconceived ideas of what they want.

Get your garden in shape for spring 2014

News Posted: 17-10-2013

The weather is definitely changing, summer is drawing to a close.

Log Cabins by Coppola Cabins

News Posted: 08-10-2013

Log cabin is an efficient and cheap way to add new structures to your land or property, adding quality and increasing its value.

CUBE - a stylish accessory for your garden!

News Posted: 13/10/2012

If you do not like traditional log cabin, but you still need a garden room, then we may have a product for you. 

Complete games room with home bar!

News Posted: 19/09/2012

Make your log cabin a dream retreat, welcome to our new log cabin display!

New Display Cabin

News Posted: 19/09/2012

New log cabin display will be the games room with the home bar

Modular House Mini Display Unit

News Posted: 19/09/2012

Display is now sold and on the way to South Coast to meet the new owner!

Stuttgart Garden Exhibition

News Posted: 28/04/2011

We had fabulous time at Stuttgart Garden exhibition.

Modular home office revealed

News Posted: 06/04/2011

The Modular is a multifunctional, easy to install and move, insulated light construction building.

Our Updated Showroom

News Posted: 30/03/2011

We welcome you to visit our remodeled and updated showroom at Jones Garden Centre - the newest garden centre in Dublin