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Small panel houses developed by our supplier have lots of advantages compared to any other building methods:

  1. Panels, weighing 80 kg on an average, can be manually lifted and installed with the help of manpower, which rules out or minimises costs related to the use of expensive lifting equipment. This allows erecting houses in places where access for large equipment is excluded or complicated.
  2. Panels were designed within a raster grid, which means that the panels have certain measures and purpose. This allows erecting buildings with indefinite planning solutions (much as Lego bricks).
  3. As a result of product development, wall structures, assemblies and technical solutions of various thermal resistances were developed and put into practice, which meet the construction standards in effect in Ireland market.
  4. Wall panels are manufactured from high quality materials having technical approvals and certificates and purchased from selected suppliers.
  5. Works are performed in factory conditions irrespective of weather, taking into account the maintenance conditions of the house as much as possible.
  6. The production process in the factory allows high-level quality inspection and management. The performance of all works is organised pursuant to ISO 9001:2008 standard.
  7. A variety of typical designs were elaborated by factory architects, which allows the customer to choose a suitable house.
  8. All works related to designing or manufacturing are performed under the guidance and supervision of factory specialists and managers knowing their respective fields.
  9. The readiness of small house panels allows year-round erection.
  10. The panel installation process on a finished foundation, simultaneous with panel manufacturing, is fast – usually few weeks
  11. The installation of roof trusses manufactured in the factory is easy and fast.
  12. Owing to the optimised measures of small panels, the fulfilment of a means of transport is maximal. There is no need for organising special large-size cargos. Access to facilities inaccessible for a large-size vehicle is also possible.
  13. Last but not least - the price!