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A Deeper Insight into the Products We Offer at Coppola Cabins

At Coppola Cabins, we offer a wide range of modular houses, log houses and log cabins that are tailored to your requirements. Here is a deeper insight into our products, their features, functions and benefits:

Standard Log Cabins

The standard log cabins come in different log thicknesses (from 28 mm to 70 mm) and they are made from top quality log walls.

These log cabins are perfect as summer houses or garden houses.

In addition to this, you can also opt for a log garage - we offer you six different models, from the Canberra garage (3,6 m X 5,4 m) to the large, Hawaii garage (7,8 m X 5,2 m).

Luxury Log Cabins

Like the name suggests, these are state-of-the-art log cabins designed to offer you the ultimate comfort coupled with increased functionality.

The luxury log cabins can vary greatly in terms of size and design and we offer you a plethora of options you can choose from, including electric points and the Remmers internal wood treatment.

These cabins come in many different sizes: small (10-12 SQ/M), medium-sized (20-30 SQ/M) and large (30-40 SQ/M). Moreover, you can opt either for residential cabins or for multi-room cabins. We also offer bespoke luxury log cabins of any size.

Panel Houses

At the manufacturing of the ‘’small panels’’ houses up-to-date construction standards and regulations are followed. Ensuring quality is impossible without an exemplary production process. Various certificates and approvals serve as a quality guarantee.

The lifetime of residential buildings of 50 years required by legislation in effect is no limit to panel houses – by performing required maintenance, panel houses constructions serve substantially longer.

Log Houses

No matter if you want a square or round log house, at Coppola Cabins you will surely find one you like - we are committed to satisfying even our most demanding customers.

You can select the desired log diameter (which varies between 90 mm and 210 mm), and we can deliver high-quality log houses according to your own drawings, if requested.

The main benefit of log houses is that they can be built anywhere, and it takes between 6 to 12 weeks to fully erect a log house in which you can live right after the project is completed.