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When you search online for log cabins you'll see lots of companies offering best log cabins with best price. Our manufactures supplies the very best high quality luxury log cabins and luxury log homes. Below we explain why our buildings are special. Most important is the log thickness, our thinnest log for luxury log cabins is 50 mm followed by 70 and 92 mm log.

Our luxury log cabins are fitted on full heavy duty pressure treated frame 45x90mm. Most standard cabins are fitted just on 45x70 mm loose joist.

To avoid leaks, in our luxury log cabins all external log ends are covered with u-profiles and corner moldings.

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In luxury log cabins with wall thickness 70 mm or thicker, mineral wool stripes are used for thermal insulation of cross joint corners. In log houses mineral wool stripes are also used between wall logs.

We pride ourselves on offering the very best double glazed windows that enhance our log cabins. Glue laminated frames come with a 4 point locking system and a tilt option enabling you to control your desired window opening depending on weather. Our windows are fitted with an aluminum vented strip that prevents any negative capillary action, which in turn helps preserve your windows. We can also fit Velux windows.

Ensuring that there is always plenty of head room for you, our luxury log cabins are made just the little-bit higher than standard log cabins, consequently we can use 2 m high door instead 1.8 m. Doors are fitted with metal or hardwood door sill and cylinder lock.

We offer felt shingle roof option as standard. There are many benefits of shingle roofing. First and most importantly it gives you greater water proofing protection than standard roofing felt. Shingle tiles also offer a softer appearance, which completes and compliments your new log cabin and outdoor space. Available in Red, Green and Black they have a self adhesive back and an encapsulated fiberglass layer for flexibility and strength.

Most of our luxury log cabins come with veranda, which is fully not partly, covered with roof. However all cabins are available without the veranda with decent roof overhang.

  • Of course, it's easy for us to talk about how great our luxury log cabins and log houses are, because they are...

  • We have done our best through this website to give you a good idea of what our log cabins and log homes are like, but nothing beats seeing them with your own eyes.

  • We have a number of cabins and houses set up in our show room near Dublin Airport for you to look around.

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